sad to be back……..:(

So i’m back in Glasgow and into my second week of my final year – scary stuff.

They say you get reverse culture shock but i was always a sceptic, it’s just coming home i though. I was however most definitely wrong. It’s weird, very weird. It’s not that everything changes, you still have your friends, your clubs, your classes, but the little things adjust. Like Sommerfield to Waitrose, Antipasti to i think it’s Sophie (i could very well be mistaken), just little things but they seem really odd. I knew things would change but it’s still a little weird that they have.

The biggest change for me is the work load. In Canada i have 5 classes a term, with about 4 hours contact time for each of them a week and millions of readings. I’m now down to a few hours a week and although i know things will heat up it’s a drastic change from other last year.

Having said all this though, it is lovely to be back. I have my friends, my family, the hills (up at home), cheaper booze and sad but true – the petite section in topshop. I have also brought a lot back with me, not only in terms of physical objects like clothes and presents but also in terms of my personality. I am far more adept at being myself in a room full of strangers and i have a great deal more of what my mum calls ‘get up and go’, the drive to actually do things during my uni career as opposed to just coasting along. The heavy workload and constant stream of social events has improved my time management immensely and basically i think i’m far more adept at dealing with the big bad world I’m going to be thrown into in about 8 or 9 months time.

I am also incredibly jealous of all those who have just jetted off to UBC and are currently enjoying Longboat day, club open house and all the other start of the year fun.

Also on a more practical note to everyone thinking of going, feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions about going out there from the perspective of someone who is back. I’m more than happy to help if i can.

hope to hear from you at some point



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