Back to uni (in Glasgow)

So it has been a long time since I last stepped into a lecture theatre in Glasgow (probably close to 18 months) and not a lot of things have changed. With my course in particular the subjects that I have to do in Scotland are 3rd year subjects so I have found myself back in class with very few of the faces of old. It hasn’t really been that much of a big change back to uni in Glasgow as nothing much has changed apart from the people I am now in class with. It so worked out that because I did such a busy year abroad I only have 5 subjects to this year including as dissertation so that has worked out fairly well for me. The department has been very helpful in keeping me up-to-date with dissertation submissions and advising so I’m not very far behind everyone else.

It has been weird coming home and adapting back into life in Scotland but now I’ve been home a few months it just seems as if I’ve never been away. I thoroughly enjoyed the majority of my time away and am so glad that I took part in the exchange program as it has changed my outlook on things for the better but that has now gone and reality has kicked in and now there is just one year left at uni and then the working world awaits which again offers new challenges and experiences.


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