Coming back to Glasgow

Yes…from the last entry you can probably tell that I’m now back in the UK…whether that’s for better or worse depends on how well you know me 😉

I should warn you that before proceeding with reading this entry further…that I may start to complain/rave/rant about being back. So despite the warning, I hope some of you have the healthy sense of curiosity to ask, “why would you moan/rave/rant about being back home?”

I suppose we can call it “readjusting” or “reculturation”…but the fact of the matter remains that it only takes 9 months to fully acculturate somewhere else and even somewhere you’ve lived most of your life can seem somewhat alien…perhaps that’s overkill…but dramatics are required!

So let’s get the British etiquette out of the way…how in the name of Lord almighty do we put up with our weather??? I mean really…just in the time it takes me to write this, I bet it will have changed from the lovely sunshine to this austere coldness that makes you feel winter is approaching! I had also managed to forget how cold/windy/rainy Glasgow was! Just in my first week of being back in Glasgow, I managed to break my umbrella! I swear, someone in Glasgow Airport could make a lot of money of giving 5 minute lessons about weilding umbrellas…it’s a skill which is probably evolutionarily programmed into all you wegies…but for scousers like me (despite my posh accent) lessons would help! Right, weather rant over J

In my second week of being back, I ended up in Leeds for a friend’s birthday, which he wanted to celebrate with a pub-crawl…it had been just over a year since my last pub-crawl and I think it’s fair to say I had forgotten the basic advice of pacing oneself. It was a great night and I think that night grounded me back into the UK as I had spent the previous week complaining about lack of sunshine.

There’s also the tenatious issue of friends…I think it’s easy to assume that when you go away things back home won’t change too much…perhaps it’s being naïve…but I really didn’t expect that many changes in my friends. Change is by no means bad…in most of my friends, they were welcome changes but in some others there were surprising changes…so it’s something you have to deal with when you come back, whether you like it or not! I think if anything, by going abroad, you get to know your real friends much better and they’re ultimately the ones who make you feel at home! You guys/gals know who you are and hopefully you know how grateful I am J

Other than that, coming back is a bit like going abroad…had to go through the rigmarole of finding a place to stay, sorting out courses for this year and the usual finance issues that beseige students during the summer. I was lucky enough to get a job at the yellow duckmarine in Liverpool and that certianly paid off quite a few bills!

Overall, similar to my first week in California…shaky beginnings which will no doubt change to humble surroundings!!!


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