Visit from the parentals

It had to be done….at some point i think every parent has been out here, a constant flow of exchange parents??????

So 14,000 words of rushed essay hell, frantic tidying and ‘grocery shopping’ later and the preparation was done, i was ready for relaxing week with mum. One problem however….she was stuck in Montreal. urgh!

Never fear though, a day late and she turns up. What’s more, it turns out that having visitors is definitely a good idea. I had a blast. Despite the fact that we had the worst week of weather i’ve had so far, it was still amazingly fun. We had wine, coffee and cake galore and between lectures managed to explore the city thoroughly. We went up to Squamish to see the Chief and toured the northshore to Horsehoe bay and beyond. We devoured food from the Naam and collected supplies from Granville Market – yum yum homemade salmon burgers. mmm…

Anyway, it’s just a wee note this time to say it’s lovely to have visitors, definitely a must do : )

So….. i forgot to post this. oops, better late than never


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