Back Home

Ok, so I have been back home for a week now and it’s really bizarre. I’m struggling to come to terms that I’m going to have to spend another year at Glasgow after being away so long it almost feels like I’d left that place for good. To be honest since I’ve been back it has been quite fun catching up with family and friends again and as a lot of them have been away it has been really good hearing their stories too.

I’m quite glad to be back home this summer because the Australian winter was getting kind of annoying as there wasn’t much sun kicking aroud and it got dark at 5 o’clock but I really will miss the place. I wish I had done some more travelling when I was away but given that you are working so hard at uni there isn’t much time during term time and I came home at Christmas to secure an internship so I might have missed out there but now I have friends that I can go visit whenever I want and so I will definately make the return trip to Oz sometime in the next few years.

It has been pretty class being away but everything has to come to an end sometime and I’m glad to be back and I can experience mates’ 21sts and such like but I’ll always hold special memories of Brisbane.


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