The End

Ok so I can’t believe it is all over. This term has gone so fast. I must be one of the last to leave for home since I checked the website the other day and the new bloggers are already getting carried away but I thought I’d some up my experiences anyway.

If I’m honest when I came home at Christmas I was wondering whether I wanted to come back as first semester didn’t really go as I had wanted. I think I just didn’t get settled or used to being away from home but I can safely say now that it was the best decision I have ever made. I have had an absolute brilliant time this semester and made some really good friends who I can say I will definately stay in touch with. I think the difference this semester was that I got more involved in Australian life and enjoyed it a lot more. Last semester I didn;t take advantage of all the opportunities but this semester it was different. I made a lot of Australian mates through the rugby club and so I got invloved in the culture a lot more. The culture was primarily one of the main reasons I decided to come to Australia and in my first semester I didn’t really experience it as I was friends with a lot of internationals (which isn’t bad) but you can feel like an outsider and a bit of a tourist. But making friends with the locals has been great fun.

I do regret not having travelled more but the terms are long (13 weeks of classes) and places are quite far away so you need a few days but it isnt a major deal to me because I know I’ll be back whether it be visiting friends or coming here to work so I know I’ll get to see everything I have missed this time around.

Any final words… yes, please if you have the chance to do exchange do it and if you do I would highly recommend Australia because its absolutely sick. I kind of don’t want to come home but it will be great seeing friends and family again and it is getting slightly colder here now so I want a tan from whatever sunshine Scotland has to offer.

Mikey x


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