Every baby in Canada is born with a hockey stick in hand. That’s how intense the passion for Hockey is here. None more so than the city of Montreal! If you’re unaware of what hockey is and who the “Habs” are, you will soon learn. Les Habitants, the nickname for the Montreal Canadiens Hockey team, are the city’s pride and glory.

The NHL comprises of 30 teams from the States and Canada, all competing for the highly coveted Stanley Cup. Teams play over 80 games a season, so it’s a pretty big deal…

Anyways, this year, Montreal got through to the Playoffs, finishing in the top 8 in the Eastern Championship. They beat one of the top teams, Washington Capitals. I was lucky enough to be at a friend’s place who has a balcony overlooking the main shopping street, St. Catherines. 5 minutes after the final whistle, the streets were packed. Chants of “Go Habs Go!” echoed around downtown. The next challenge would be the reigning champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, with the Canadian Olympic Hero, Sidney Crosby, fronting the opposition. Again, Montreal shocked everybody to seal victory. This time, Montreal went even crazier; Pittsburgh jerseys set alight, shoulder to should crowds, even riot police!!!

I wasn’t expecting to be converted, but I can truly say that I’m a hockey fan now.


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