Home again, home again…and highly jet lagged!

Strange, very strange – but not in a bad way.  It’s just the contradiction that’s strange.  It feels weird being where you were before your year abroad, with people who didn’t share your experiences physically with you.  Then again, it also feels so wonderfully normal, familiar and comfortable.  It is like everyone says, you do seem to fall back into things, but you do so being the person who learned so much from your exchange year.

I haven’t even been home for 2 whole days yet but in a strange way it feels like I’ve never left.  In fact, as soon as I saw my parents and a friend of mine at the airport it already felt lovely and normal.  I do, however, have jet lag – which sucks a bit.  LA has an 8 hours time difference so I kind of feel like I’m in a dream, it’ll take a while to readjust I think.  Anyway, now I’m trying to keep up with contacting people I’ve left and I find myself wanting a bit of peace and quiet now that I’m back for a while.  I also, while feeling too exhausted at the moment, am really looking forward to seeing everyone here, but think it will take a few days before I have the energy.

A few things I’m enjoying about being back are having proper bacon, ‘normal’-tasting bread and milk, being in a familiar house and climate, seeing people I’ve missed, rediscovering my old clothes (you forget half of what you had, trust me!), having familiar plug sockets, discovering a few new things around the house and being completely surrounded by Scottish accents J

A few things I’m missing are my friends, the Canadian lifestyle, my bedroom in Kingston, hearing the Canadian accents (and American accents) everywhere, TRAVELLING, being faced with new things all the time…and the sun (it’s Scotland!)

Overall, it’s just another part of the journey of being abroad, and one of the great parts.  I love seeing my family and it’s nice to take a breather after travelling to random places and sleeping in random beds.  And I love getting to know everyone and everything again from a different perspective.


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