Spring + final exams

Spring in Chambana appears to be amazing. Last months’ temperatures were reaching nearly 30 degrees, making it feel more like a summer. Spring break itself was a success as well. I managed to continue my travels and went with a couple of french mates to Florida. We took a flight to Orlando and then rented a car to go south to Miami. From there we went on a 3 day cruise on Bahamas. It was a very entertainng week, although the very first day for me ended up with a severe sunburn. (People, remember about suncream, always!). Too bad the break was so short (I really missed the one in Glasgow) but still it was very memorable. I’ll put a few pictures on Flickr. Of course profesors at UIUC don’t care about holidays and we had loads of homeworks due just after the break (I admitt I missed a few deadlines, ehh). Anyway, spring break is long over, now exams time. I have 5 of them, this finals week is killing me. Everything is going to fast. You don’t really have time to study that much as you do before the finals back home, especially that you know you are leaving soon and want rather to spend time with your friends to whom you will have to say goodbye in a few days:( That’s the saddest time of the year. I really wish I could stay here a bit longer, although on the other hand the campus is already getting empty as some people finish early, so there would be no one left anyway. Sorry for such a short (and delayed!! post this time), but there is really no time to concentrate on writing. Besides, whoever wants to go for an exchange next year probably already knows where he or she is going , so if you decided to go to UIUC (great choice, btw;p) feel free to contact me by mail or on facebook if you still haven’t. If you are thinking of applying here next year, do so as well! I think the time I had here was the best time in my school years, thanks to all the experience I gained here and the most important of all, the people I met. I’m really depressed right now that it is all over. Next time I write here I’ll be alreadyback  in Europe (still not in Scotland though). First, I’ll spend a few days in Chicago which I will also miss a lot when I get home. Still, I’m happy to see all my family and friends after one year of absence. Well, goodbye America, and hope to visit you soon again!!!


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