Day 21, 20, 19

This is not going well at all!

Day 21

Started off with HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother and was followed by Extravaganza, an amazing music festival which was the highlight of today!!! Music from Super Smash Bros (not that good), Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (amazing band!), Chromio (crap!) and Drake (complete crap, although a girl flashed him, and she did have something to flash I guess!). I can’t really describe the atmosphere at this place. It felt like a mini-Glastonbury, although I haven’t been to Glastonbury but I think it would be similar just with a better list of bands! People smoking everything from cigarettes to weed, cramped in a small space with everyone pushing and shoving to get to the front and just generally trying to avoid people’s BO. First time I’ve done any of this, excluding the weed/cigarettes and it was good fun!!! Not one of those only in Cali moments, but certainly something everyone has to experience at least once! What’s more, I actually heard a band playing live knowing nothing about them and really liking them. Edward Sharpe and his group are legend!

I should just note that what I typed about day 22 is partially a lie as I ended up staying quite late with Josh at some random party with neon lights and things. Got quite tipsy and woke up the next morning with no hangover! Go me! For those of you who don’t know me, I can’t drink that much anyway and after the second round I’m usually out and tipsiness is usually not good! Anyway, after the sun stroke from Extravaganza and general tiredness I decided to hit the sack early on that night.

Day 20

Again, boring day with nothing special. It was work day and with a early start, I decided to make an attempt at typing up my critical review. Can’t say I got very far before distractions started, but not bad either. Had a clear idea of what to write about as well as the level of analysis needed. So spent most of the day doing that. Can’t say I noticed any nuances except everyone dressed for winter, just cause the weather had dropped by 5 degress…ridiculous…we brits know how it’s done 😉 I also caught up with my friend Amy after a long time for a frap at Starbucks! How atypically American! But we needed that catch up…we had grown sick of our ritualized 3 sentence conversation “Hi…How are you?” etc. at the library. So that was good…also a 2 mile run was a nice bonus to end the tiring day of intellectual activity.

Day 19

Again a boring day as there was lots of work to be done. Posted things for sale on Craigslist and attempted to plan packing of bags. I also consulted Virgin Atlantic on costs of a third bag. Basically planning ahead for my reluctant departure 😦

Spent more time studying and then built everything up to 9pm. Again 24! What an episode! But can’t be bothered typing about that…show’s getting too much publicity anyway! What I will go on about is how greatful I am to Michelle for giving me the book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. An amazing illustration of Aspergers. Agreed the emphasis did show too much meta-cognition that may not be as active in someone with Aspergers, but still a very good book with a lovely message. So thanks to Michelle for giving me the book for my birthday and a pat on my own back for finishing it despite all the other reading left 😀


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