6 weeks left!

6 weeks left and I honestly can’t believe how quickly the year has gone. It seemed like only yesterday that I set out as a wide eyed Glasgow boy not having a clue what to expect. I would say this semester has been much better than last (maybe it is because I know what to expect). Student life is brilliant out here. There is always something to do and there are so many like minded people who just want to make the most of their time out here.  I’m not going to lie that you have to work hard out here if you want to do well and you shouldn’t expect it to be a holiday all the time. However, when you do get time off it pretty much is a holiday and a great one at that.

I still have another 6 weeks to go (3 weeks of teaching then 3 weeks of exams) so you do have to get ahead with your work but to be honest I can’t imagine any better place to come and study. The way of life is just so chilled out over here and I fully recommend Australia and Brisbane in particular.

If anyone is coming to Brisbane soon or is thinking about Australia feel free to get in touch. Hope all is well with everyone and all the other ambassadors are having a great time too.



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