Day 25, 24, 23, 22

I told you! It’s just not me to record every day…too many visual stimuli as well as too much work and fun to keep up with!

Day 25 has to get a mention as it was my flatmate’s birthday! Despite having an exam and various other things to do, we, as in me and our common friends had organised this surprise dinner for her. But as ever, she was late! But being the good friends that we are…we waited while she staggered for dinner with too much Sake and beer. Nora had made this amazingly healthy pizza while I had dreamt up the idea of cinna-bread pizza as a birthday cake! I decided to annoy her by buying candles that can’t be blown out easily! She kept blowing and they kept coming back to life…serves her right for being late 😉 If I had typed this up earlier, I guess I would say, I hope she enjoys the plan…but given the event has come and gone like most events and with the knowledge that she loved the whole evening, I was content with my ability to co-ordinate on some level 😀

The day did have a slightly sad bit of news, which has to be said for my own memory. My 6 month old second cousin passed away on 11th May. I had met her and played with her during my visit to Chicago and the news that I received while listening to some tripe about Border-line personality disorder,  was just inexplicably shocking. There is so much that one can say about the nature of life, that even philosophers haven’t quite come up with an eloquent way of verbalising the fragility of it. But I guess, that’s where the “rub” is. If there was an answer to the issue of the human condition, whether it be some kind of philosophical/religious/psychological/neurobiological explanation, life would be boring – don’t you think?

So day 25 was tough!

Day 24 may as well not count as I spent all of it revising and having finished revision treated myself to a the thai bistro place 😛 so doesn’t really count for much! I should just mention, the seemingly odd bits of Cali life – expressiveness of guys. Please don’t take this the wrong way and yes I realise I’m a guy myself, but Californian guys really do seem to be quite expressive about their “feelings”. I know how odd this sounds, but seriously when you hear a guy complaining about how harsh his girlfriend is and how annoying she is, without being drunk and quite literally bitching being her back…I couldn’t help but laugh! I mean, I can’t imagine any of my friend back in the UK talking that much and more importantly in the whiny tone…grrh!!!

Day 23 was the day of the midterm exam! Should I bore you with the details of midterm…I think not…but can I complain about how difficult it was…almost definitely! It wasn’t actually too bad, but some of the wording on MCQs was slightly ambiguous. But having finished the midterm, I decided to embark on a bike ride to Trader Joes! Just another Sainsbury-like place which is in fact much better than Albertsons! I splurged on good and quite cheap food like Mandarin chicken, noodles, maple and pecan cluster cereal etc. This blog could become very foody, so I risk suffering cognitive dissonance if I continue to talk about food. Point is, it sucks it took me that long to shop there! After that, I went over to Amanda’s place so that she could give me a hand with Photoshop. By God, she’s good! I was thoroughly impressed by the way she created the layers and made the perfect EAP photo that I’ll be sharing soon enough…just a few more corrections! I should point out this photoshop tutorial took just over 3 hrs and was followed by Nora’s delicious Rhubarb crumble as well as the movie “Amilie”. Somehow, Amilie reminded me of Harold Crick in “Stranger Than Fiction”…I would like to explain how but that could take ages and the it would probably be considered as a deviation from the aims of this blog. Then again a lot of what I’ve typed has deviated grossly! So let’s not add to more deviations!

Day 22 – Well today, typed this blog 😉 But had a nice morning with gym, biking and a few more healthy bits and bobs. Is it a phase? Do we like having on and off healthy periods?! One more quark of Cali life, you are certainly going to become more vain as you spend more and more time amongst the bliss of amazingly “fit” people here! It is the LA effect and a lot of people do suffer from Anorexia/Bulimia so be careful…but just thought I’d point out, that people may not be as perfect as they seem! Anyway, back to today…not a whole lot…went for our ritualized coffee hour, enjoyed catching up with Amir and various others (sorry others!) and came home for an early night as tomorrow’s EXTRAVAGANZA!


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