Its Been A While….

Wow. I cant believe how quickly time passes when youre having fun.

So, last post, I was preparing for Spring Break. How long ago that seems now…Spring Break is another name for Easter Holidays and is one week long. I went to Miami, Florida for a week. Check the studentuniverse website for really cheap deals; i got a a round trip to miami from JFK for $180 inc tax. Amazing. Miami is beautiful. If you want culture shock, go there. Its funny; I didnt experience any form of culture shock when I came from Glasgow to New York, but going from New York to Miami was so different. Especially in the city, everything is ‘go go go’ but when i reached Miami, everything is so relaxed. People walk so slowly on the pavement, instead of rushing past you, you just go and sleep on the beach, maybe play volley ball or something, get an iced beverage instead of a scalding coffee…It was a perfect holiday. Every year in Miami, they host the Ultra Music Festival, which is a 2 day festival dedicated to dance and rave and dubstep, and it is RIDICULOUS! One night, I got on my friend’s shoulders and just looked around. The park was filled with a crowd of 80 000 people, there was lights and flame throwers and speakers as big as buildings and the atmosphere was just AH-MAZING! if you can go, i’d heartily recommend it. I spent the rest of the week recovering on the beach by day and drinks and clubs in the evening. Be prepared to spend money around the time of the Winter Music Conference; a friend and i went to a club called Klutch and it $50 to get in….

Before returning to Albany, I spent the weekend in the city (as I do at any opportunity). This time I stayed in Brooklyn, which is an up and coming area with regards to culture and food and club scene, and I had my first taste of sushi, and I also got the D train all the way to Coney Island, a famous, run down but fantastically shabby chiq fairground and pier. I went on some of the rides, including the famous ferris wheel, and while I was strolling down the pier, I tried my first ever corn dog. Ha ha I always wanted to try one; they epitomised my idea of America when I was younger. For those of you who dont know, as I didnt, its a sausage wrapped in a cornflour based batter. Theyre actually ok but you have to eat it with mustard and ketchup!

I was warned at the beginning of this semester that it passes by really quickly, and I wasnt lied to. It felt like I was only just back in classes when I was being given final tests and essays…

Well, you will all be glad to hear that I have at last finished my scarf!!! its taken me the whole academic year but it is at last complete! i love it and feel like a sown a memory into each knit and pearl…

The fashion show was a huge success. We had been practicing all semester and our hard work finally paid off. It included 5 designers from the city and featured acts from student groups on campus. The clothes were great too.

The weekend after the fashion show was the dance show. The show goes on for two days and is a lot of fun. You really get to bond with the people in your group and the show gives you the opportunity to see everyone’s routines, which are fantastic.

And now we’ve all just had our final exams. I had my last exam on tuesday and im still in a state of shock that my time at SUNY Albany is over. My study abroad experience has almost come to an end. And with the end of exams, all the other students are going home and slowly, the friendship groups you have made break apart. The international students from the UK, or the Brit Clique  as we are known around campus, have formed a really tight bond because we have all been going through the same things and explored new territory together. Thats not to say we only hang out with each other! But its nice to hang out with Americans and  come back and talk to people who know what a rich tea biscuit is! I am going to miss everyone, American, British and otherwise, so much. THANK GOD FOR FACEBOOK!


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