Day 26

Well Monday morning usually marks the beginning of a new week – generally when people’s minds fantasise about their upcoming day or even cling on to the final moments of their dreams during the morning rush…as for me, I just lay there in bed pondering on whether to wake up now or later. The beauty of having Mondays off is un-describable! Although I imagine, it’s only because I’m a student this is the case. I imagine, some of you are thinking “being a student and having Monday off does not equal less work”, and you maybe right….but doesn’t change the fact that I can wake up at 9am instead of the usual 7am 😀

Sorry…I’ll stop gloating about my mondays off, actually I’ll go one gloat further and say my mondays have been off for the past three quarters so beat that 😉

Right, back to today! Spent the morning revising for my Cultural Psychology mid-term exam that’s on Thursday. My last ever mid-term! As relieved as I am of having no more midterms, I have a feeling I’ll miss them once my final year starts. The idea of having an exam at the end of the year seems quite daunting to be honest! Anywho, the revision was followed by a seminar on Social Cognition and formalisation of intention in psycholinguistics. Yes sounds quite technical and unsurprisingly it was one of the most difficult seminars to follow. But simply put, Ray Jackendoff was examining intention amongst various other things in relation with philosophy and psychology. Quite an interesting lecture given my own interest in language. But some simplification would have been nice 🙂

Since then, more revision, packing some things to send to various people and let’s not forget birthday preparation for my wonderful flatmate 🙂 In case you’re reading this, I can’t/won’t expand! Also, one of the few things that’s been scheduled into my timetable has been the TV programme 24. They’re probably getting some more press for me saying that, but by God, it’s good! There is a chance that it appeals only to guys but I’m sure there are a bunch of gals who enjoy it. If I chose to apply the availability heuristic, my flatmate (gal) doesn’t find it at all engaging, therefore less gals find it entertaining?! How so hopelessly flawed is human rational?!

As for these routine nuances that you get used to, but I paid attention to…hmm…well it seems quite normal now, but I remember being surprised by people going surfing and managing to hoist the surfboard on their bike and literally biking to the beach with their surfboard in hand. It makes complete sense, but it’s one of those vivid moments that will strike you only the first time you see it…after that it’ll seem common-place. I suppose the first time you see it, the thought will be “I want to do that”, possibly followed by “Wouldn’t see that in Glasgow (and possible not even UK)”.


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