it’s creeping to a close so here’s a few insights into Vancouver

Hello again,

Uni is done, I can’t believe it went by so fast.

So, my time at UBC post midterms has flown by….6 weeks,10,000 words of paper and four exams later I’ve emerged like some kind of bear out of hibernation begging for sunshine.

Before I go on to talk about the last bit of UBC and post exam funsies I thought it might be worth sharing a few pointers from what I’ve found in Vancouver.

1, sushi is big over here, I’m not a big fan but if you’re not mad for raw fish variety then tempura (a kind of deep fried sushi) is an easy beginners option. From my friends who are fans I’ve heard that the eatery is a must and brown rice sushi are both worth a look.

2.  Although both countries speak English the words are surprisingly different and I’m still met with completely blank expressions on occasion – 8 months in.

3. Wreck beach sunsets are a must, If you’re in Vanier it’s easy (about a 5 mins walk) but if you’re in Gage or Fairview then it’s still worth the trek.

4. I may have said this before but Stanley park is a definite must. You can go cycle through it, hang out on the beach, check out the aquarium or just go for a walk. It gives you a fantastic view of the city and is basically a relaxing day out. Ps bikes can be hired really cheap on Pender st.

5. I feel I have definitely ranted about this before but the Naam (a restaurant) is a definite must – 10 dollars a meal, really cheap, huge portions and super healthy.

6. Kayaking at deep cove (over on the north shore) is a really nice morning or afternoon out. You can bus there for free with your U-pass (the bus pass you receive when you get here. If you head out to the right of the bay and round the corner you can go ashore on the first island (round at the far side) and picnic on the beach. Technically you may not be supposed to but there are no trespassing signs so I’d say take full advantage of the amazing views.

for some reason this won’t upload straight….

7. The grouse grind is also a good day out. It’s about an hour of sheer hell (I know I’m really selling it here), endless stairs and buckets of sweat. However, the view from the top is, in my Canadian flatmates words, ‘insane’.

8, English bay, Kitsilano beach and Jericho Beach are all good places to watch the sunsets or take a walk.

9. If you want to get off campus to study then Bennies Bagels is a really good place. Amazing bagels, cakes and drinks (inc 3.50 corona’s – surprisingly helpful for studying) with free wireless and it’s open until 2 am. It’s just a 20 min bus ride on the number 99 bus, get off at larch. I’m writing this in Bennies, it’s chilled and lovely.

ok so i know post is a bit random but i hope it sheds some insights into life over here.


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