Day 27

Hmm…gosh it’s quite difficult to write an entry for everyday. Especially today, when I knew there wouldn’t be much to say as it was study/catchup/revise day. No randomness, not a lot of fun…just studying. But anywho, good time to clarify certain things, entries everyday are not because I’m counting down! Trust me when I say, I would love to stay for a month or two longer doing a research/internship thing here, but due to issues well beyond my control I can’t 😦

So an entry everyday is with the intent of remembering the little moments/nuances of California that you take for granted, or habituate to or simply don’t notice. This is the point where you guys are like…so…what seemingly obvious thing did you notice today! Well given the time, that I’m typing this, I’m actually still in the library (like 9:30pm) and one of the things that you’d never see in the Glasgow Library, or let’s be pedantic…one of things I’ve never noticed is everyone coming to study in pyjamas. I wouldn’t say I’m against it, but I’m certainly a supporter of domain specific habits. So if I did study with pyjamas I would imagine, I would be likely to sleep…but…each to their own 🙂

Otherwise, I could bore you with all the pdf files I’ve read and point out quite a few cultural disparities…but I’m not that mean 😉 However this cover of the Snow Patrol song “Chocolate” certainly captured the summer mood today in the library, or maybe it was just me seeking inspiration for my critical review!


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