Wrapping up time

It’s almost time to wrap up, both with more clothes as it comes into winter in New Zealand once again, as it was when I arrived 11 months ago, but it’s also time to start wrapping up my study abroad year 😦

The past several weeks have been jam-packed. I danced at the Ceroc South Island Champs 2010, got through the heats and made it into the finals to perform in the filmed evening performance compered by Dancing With The Stars host, Aaron Gilmore. The following weekend I visited another Glasgow Uni exchange student that got a place in Auckland in the North Island and did a bus tour to the historic towns of Paihia and Russell (first capital of NZ) in the Bay of Islands. the bus tour took us to the most northern point of New Zealand which offered plenty of photo opportunities next to a lighthouse and a signpost with distances to the equator and various cities around the world while the Tasman Sea collided with the Pacific Ocean at the bottom of the cliff creating unique whirlpools and breaking waves in the middle of the ocean. I also swam with dolphins here which was amazing, sampled the best fish and chips in NZ and sand-boarded down giant sand-dunes – that was a lot of fun, but it was over way too quickly for the amount of time and effort it took to climb to the top of the dune! And the weekend just past it was my birthday, so I celebrated it in true Kiwi style by going on a tramping trip with the Otago Uni Tramping Club. That was another really great weekend. I visited Milford Sound, climbed a mountain, camped under the stars, swam in an alpine lake, gazed into crystal clear water from a swing bridge, got showered by the spray from a giant waterfall, enjoyed amazing scenery and weather and experienced rugged Fiordland at it’s best! Every muscle in my body now aches, but it was worth it!

In 3 weeks, classes will have finished and I’ll be on my way to Perth in Australia to visit relatives. Then I come back for a brief spell to sit my exams, then head to Asia for 2 months before coming home. What a year it’s been so far, but it’s not quite over yet… I wish it didn’t have to end at all!


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  1. Dear Laura,

    I’ve just finished reading all of your blogs. Firstly, thanks very much for taking the time out of your busy work-load to inspire the rest of us.

    Before coming across the blogs I had already made up my mind to spend a year studying at Otago and your blogs have convinced me it is a must. It will be a while away yet as, if all goes to plan, I hope to start at Glasgow University in Sept 2011, and if I have it right, studying abroad would be in third year (or July 2013).

    So, plenty of time to plan. I will be a (very) mature student (53!) and will be looking for accommodation for myself and my wife. My wife will not be studying so I still have to find out if she would obtain a year long visa.

    Anyway enjoy the rest of your trip and best of luck in the exams.



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