Day 28

Well after last night’s adventure and the blog that was typed up in the early hours of this morning, I had a very late wake-up…don’t judge me! On the plus side, managed to drag myself for more exam prep in the library. Admittedly, progress was slow but a late night does that to you right…or is it me getting old!? Whatever is it…after 4hrs of work I decided to go to the Chilla Vista music event in IV. It was good fun, exciting my melatonin levels, enjoying the music and just chilling as per the event name. That was followed by a bike ride to the view point on Los Palmas Road. Sadly wasn’t in time to catch the full sun set and to avoid the potential problems of cycling in the dark, I double timed coming back. All in all a brisk 16 miles…probably not enough to burn off the In N Out…but I’m only here once so probably best not to worry about it too much. I also managed to catch up on a back log of emails to various friends and family. And yes, I did write more than the usual “hi…how are you?”! Don’t you just hate those kind of 3 lines emails…no offence to those who have sent me such emails, but surely you can find something more to add about yourself or what you’ve been up to! And yes, there is a cultural difference in expression of self, but surely we can overcome that…or am I being culturally insensitive?! I apologise for advocating independent western ideals…I assure you I won’t lobby for them further as I myself am a self confessed culture dysphoric individual! Other than that just about to make some dinner, a few bits and bobs of reading and probably…actually almost definitely an early night!


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