Life in Brissy

Hey there,

Another month on and Oz is still going good. At the moment I’m in the middle of my mid-semesters when everyone back home is doing their finals which is kind of wierd. Since last time I blogged easter has come and gone and now its starting to get cold out here. Yeah i know I’m calling mid twenties cold. I have changed.

Easter was fun but quite uneventful as my money transfer was delayed so I was having to do everything at cost but it does allow you to see what great things there are to do in Brisbane for relatively little cost. I quite quickly realised I wasn’t the only one low on funds so there was a good crowd kicking around Brisbane so there was lots to do. I pretty much spent my time at the “fake beach”. They like to call it a lagoon but its pretty much just as big swimming pool with sand in Southbank but pretty cool nonetheless and I did get to top up the tan. Quite a few people also went away, a few friends went to Fiji where they had an awesome time so if you can go further afield I would urge it but there is always Gold and Sunny coast within an hours train ride away.

Since uni started back again its been kind of the same as living back home. I’m routinised again with classes all week and living for the weekend which is pretty good out here. Last week I went to see the rugby where the Reds beat the Bulls which was really good to see and can be done relatively cheaply at $22. The week before I went out for a rugby social thing was equally good so there is always something to do you just need to get involved in something that interests you. The uni has so many clubs its should be easy – anything from beach volley ball to triathalons you can do anything. Even for the non sports, there are plenty events. In the business school I attended corporate cocktails with many employees of big accounting and financial services firms present to ask questions but equally have a good night.

Yesterday, I attended to study abroad fair here and was pleasantly surprised to find so many aussies wanting to come to Scotland or those who are already coming in September this year. Australia and Scotland are so different, for example UQ had its centenary at the weekend Glasgow Uni must be approaching its millenia in comparison. But thats what exchange is about – going somewhere new and different and the experience has taught me so much. Luckily I stilll have a few months to go but its still weird to think about going back to Glasgow and sitting in classes back there.



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