Spring Break!

Having finished my last exam, that was at a horrible time of 7:30pm and went on till 10:30pm…I felt like screaming SPRING BREAK!!!

The following day I went to LAX to take a flight to San Jose!!! On route to LAX, an insightful conversation with a friend made me realize how much I had enjoyed winter quarter! All the trips, activities, bike rides and just general random + spontaneous fun made me smile as I reminisced. And no, I wasn’t trying to score 😛

But yea, my spring break started in San Jose at my Aunt’s place. She invited me over to San Jose and was more than happy being a tour guide 😉 It was great to see the face behind the name after 21 years! She spoiled me by taking me to the most amazing places to eat! Of particular note would be the Afghan restaurant which served this pumpkin dish with a yoghurty meaty sauce on top. Besides the amazing food, we also went to Fisherman’s Wharf, Market Street (man shopping street!), Lombard Street (crooked street) and obviously the Golden Gate Bridge. It felt kind of strange to actually drive on a bridge that I had seen in countless movies and Charmed (spare me girly comments!). No matter how hard I try, I never tire of saying the phrase “I’m in California!”. The bustle of the city really did surprise me…traffic similar to LA…nutty streets and on top of all this figuring out navigation! I guess I’m lucky that my aunt was driving and not me…although I would have enjoyed driving on the crooked street 😉 All in all, the trip to San Jose and San Francisco was amazing fun and I may just end up going there again to finish off some other touristy things. Just a tip, when you do actually visit SF, be sure to pop into the Ghiradelli chocolate place and stuff yourself with the delights that are sure to make the sweet part of your tongue hyperactive 😛 Let’s not even think about calories 😉

So that was one part of my spring break. The other part was bike rides. I know…I keep going on about them and I suppose you are getting tired of me seeing Dolphins as I cycle along the coast but it always excites me! This time, my dear mum called when I was just sitting in front of the Pacific taking a break. As I was listening to some the things she was going on about, a pair of dolphins just jumped out of the ocean and I screamed down the phone “look mum! Dolphins!”. We made a pact at that point that whenever we get time for California, we’ll see Santa Barbara with bikes!

Besides that, my flatmate’s friend, Emma/Fanny also visited us at the end of spring break. She’s been here for just over a week and she and Nicola have made Isla Vista and Santa Barbara amazing again. You know you get that feeling where you’ve seen everything there is to see in a particular place, but then you show someone round and they point out things that you never noticed and the place feels new again? No…too bad! But that’s exactly what happened! We really enjoyed showing her around the place and it was great having lots more banter!

On top of that, it was also my birthday! And “boo” to those that forget and “woo-hoo” to those that remembered! To be honest I didn’t expect anything on a big scale for my birthday as I don’t think I’m the type who makes a big fuss about it. Last year I did, because it was on that very day that I got my welcome to UCSB letter! So that was a phenomenal birthday surprise and it’s kind of strange to think that I’ve already celebrated my birthday here! As ever time flies! On the day itself, my mum had sent me this huge hamper full of chocolate, snacks and vouchers that were very cute and necessary 🙂 My friends from Glasgow were kind enough to send me PG tips and rich tea biscuits. The things that I dream of waking up to…due to the lack of/expensiveness of such comforts here and on top of all this my friends in Isla Vista baked me this huge Ghiradelli Brownie cake! I swear this is a conspiracy to fatten me up…but by God the brownies were goood!!! Nicola, Emma and myself on the day itself went for some amazing mexican food as well as Margaritas! But the big event was the party! It was originally a bowling party that turned into a BBQ party! Don’t ask about how that happened…but suffice to say I started stressing with numbers! The BBQ went really well in the end and all I can say is that it was night full of presents, chocolate, burgers, drinking, drunkenness, tipsiness and everything else synonymous for these activities! It’s certainly my most memorable birthday to date which ended with me drunk and being thrown into our pool… which seemed to have a french guy who was apparently naked! Only in Isla Vista is all I’m going to say!

I’ll finish by saying that this quarter has been amazing and I truly feel settled in Isla Vista! My health has been in great shape, grades have been good and generally I’ve had a lot of memorable moments! With just 2-3 months left, I’m really going to miss this place! I want to thank everyone who came to the party, flipped burgers as well as those who sent me b’day wishes from home! I also want to thank Emma/Fanny again for joining me on the bike rides as well as taking me whale watching! It was amazing fun having you with us for the past 2 weeks! I’ll leave you with some of the b’day pictures!


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