Canada, St Paddys and a whole whack of fun

Merry Easter everybody!

I trust everyone is enjoying tucking into their chocolate eggs and what not. I meanwhile have just crossed the American border after a few days up in Montreal where the very generous Andy Davidson put me up for the small fee of a few beers – I was more than happy to accommodate! I have a 5 day holiday from BC life so I decided a venture northwards was in order. Had a great time sampling the Montreal lifestyle, which incredibly featured 25 degree temperatures, meaning shorts, flip flops and a smattering of sunburn were all in attendance! Montreal is a definite recommendation for anyone going to be at BC next year. Return bus tickets were only $125 for a 7 hour journey door to door. The city is very walk-able, with some great places to eat and have a few drinks outside. The nightlife was really good with all the bars on the main streets packed, especially with the good weather meaning all the beer gardens were brimming contributing to a great buzz about the place. McGill itself was a very scenic university, resembling some sort of a Glasgow uni feel in some parts. But I can let Andy fill you in on the details of all that Montreal business!

Back at BC the semester is flying by. Week 10 is in the books and there are only about a month of classes left before exams begin, meaning I’ll be home in less than two months. I really feel at home at BC so it’s going to be hard to leave the place behind, as well as some great mates I’ve been lucky to make along the way. It’s testament the students at BC, as well as the international programme and all those who help out with it. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of them.

Since my last post after Spring break things got back to usual with a few more midterms and the usual camping out in the libraries. March madness (the national college basketball tournament) took America by storm, and I have found myself watching about two games day, completely hooked on the stuff! BC didn’t make the tournament but their hockey team is in the national semi finals on Thursday so let’s hope we get that national title back! The weather has been a lot better though and I’ve managed to get out for a few games of golf, which has been great, and I also have my first ultimate Frisbee game on Sunday. So we’ll see how that one goes.

There continue to be loads of events on every week. Last weekend I attended a dance group showdown in the basketball stadium and it was incredible. The talent of some of the groups was really impressive, and it was just such an American thing to do. With pretty much the whole school come out to show their support. St Paddys day was also great fun, especially with Boston having such an Irish contingent. The ‘celebrations’ started fairly early doors and there was a great buzz about the whole campus, which of course had everyone clad in green clothing. I also recently found out that the Fray are coming to BC for the spring concert and Girltalk came a few weeks back too. Back in August we also had Akon with support from Mario so they certainly know how to put on a show for their students!

This week my family is stopping over for a visit so that will be nice to see them and show them about the place. I’m also expecting to see a mate from home the following week and just learned that a couple of mates are coming over after exams, so we are heading to California and New York for a week or so which will be a good send off before its back to Glasgow for summer.

I don’t really even want to think about leaving yet though as I have had such a brilliant time, meeting so many great friends and experiencing things I never could back home. I will always remain a great advocate of the exchange programme and especially with Boston College. For anyone who is thinking of going on exchange, or especially to Boston at some point in your university career PLEASE DO IT! And don’t be hesitant to send me an email with any questions or concerns.

Hopefully all my other exchangees are having as much fun as I am and I will see you all back in Glasgow soon!



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