Semester 2 Begins

An update from me is long overdue so here it is!

After volunteering for 2 weeks on Anchor Island, Fiordland for the Kakapo Recovery Programme, I then flew by light aircraft to Codfish Island to do 2 more weeks there, home of the legendary Sirocco. I feel honoured to bear scars on my legs from when he tried to mate with me!

I came back to Dunedin in january, suffered severe culture shock being back in a town with people and cars! Dunedin was quiet at first but then the students started coming back.

Great to get back to studying again. This semester I’m doing a whopping 5 papers, so it’s intense with lots of internal assessments, but really loving it, I love my department and the staff in my department. I’m going to a zoology orientation drinks & pub quiz evening tomorrow night which will be fun. I joined the tramping (hiking) club and have done a couple of short trips to enjoy the great New Zealand outdoors. Tonight we had high tea and scones on the top of a hill. I’ve also started learning to dance Ceroc, which I’ve become totally addicted to. It’s a wonder any work actually gets done by the students here at Otago Uni because there is truly too many cool things happening on every single night of the week!

It’s only week 4 of semester 2 and already the mid-semester break is almost upon us. I was going to spend it packing and studying, but now I’m thinking I should travel and make the most of what little time I have left here in this beautiful country. I’ve yet to visit the North Island, and may try to arrange to visit some relatives in Perth, Australia.

Will try and post some photos up soon 🙂


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