Semester two

Hey there,

So I’ve been back in Oz for about 4 weeks now and have settled back into life quite easily. To be honest there’s not much new to report back on. Classes started again and I feel its slightly easier this term knowing what I’m getting myself into. Luckily enough a few of my mates stayed out here over summer and so finding a place was relatively easy yet still stressful from the UK but eventually we found somewhere that is really close to uni and quite fairly priced. So if you’re planning on being home for xmas try and sort something out before you come back because it makes everything so much easier.

Met a few more Australians this semester because I’ve joined the rugby club here. Its very different from back home and I’m still getting used to running around in temperatures that would normally be associated with sitting on the beach and not doing a lot. I also got really badly sunburned the first day and am still peeling because of it so you really do have to slip slap slop because even though its much more pleasant than back home its really not worth it. I find rugby is a really easy way to meet like minded people and so i would recommend joining a club or two when you arrive.

I have Mid-semester break in a couple of weeks not really mid-semester at all but easter so hopefully I’ll get my life in gear and something sorted for that so there are a bunch of opportunities to travel whilst you’re here. I know this is quite short but there isn’t much to report that you probably don’t already know. Any future students to Australia especially Queensland, if you have any questions just get in touch.



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