Back to school

I just realized that I wrote a post over a month ago and I just saved a draft without publishing it. Ehh, bad memory. Anyway, here’s the post :

So,  January.  This semester seems to be much busier than the previous one. Anyway, past 3 weeks were pretty nice, we have a new wave of international students in our dorm, so we spent much  some time socializing instead of studying. Also, I finally managed to explore our gym (one of two on the campus) and I was really amazed. They have hundreds of machines there, 2 swimming pools, big sauna, 1.5 indoor track and many other things. Very impressive.  As one of my New Year’s resolutions was to finally get some excercise I will be going there more often (well , maybe not that often – usually my muscles are sore for a week after 15-minutes excercise, ehh:(  )

Back to academic stuff. This term we didn’t have to meet with the advisor (last semester’s meeting wasn’t really useful, so I didn’t miss much). Of course, there was a big problem with choosing courses. I’m really jeaslus of people from aero department coming to UIUC next year. They can learn by my mistakes.  I wish I had taken slightly different courses before, but whatever. This term I’m taking 4 engineering classes (some interesting ones, finally!), Spanish again and the best class in the world – ice skating 101;p. I couldn’t really believe that you can get 1 credit for doing things like bowling, playing foodball, skating etc.  I wish I could transfer this 1 credit to my engineering credit in Glasgow, but I somehow doubt my advisor will be enthusiastic about this idea;p. Actually, I’m quite upset today, as I found out I will probably need to take resit(s) in August in Glas, so I get credit for the required classes I’m not doing here:(:(

I’ll post something new in a few days, as spring break is approaching and I can go traveling  again. This time – Florida! YEY!


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