i love vancouver – just thought i’d let you know

campsite funsies….

So much to tell……

……….but i’ll stick to the main points

Firstly – BURNS NIGHT : )

There are loads of new exchange students so it’s been lovely meeting them – french, spanish, mexican’s – amazing food and dancing. So….back to burns – we had multiple burns nights that week but unfortunately haggis was hard to come by. Ally (a new guy from glasgow) did manage to find iron bru to add a touch of scottish class….i’m not a fan at home but here (where i can’t have it) it was surprisingly tasty.

Secondly – WHISTLER

So many trips to the slopes!! If you buy a pass in first semester it’s amazing. i thoroughly recommend it. If you can find a friend with a car then it’s cheap as chips to get up there too. A handy money saving tip is to take a microwavable lunch as there is a microwave etc available for general use in the cafe on the hill. Also, if it’s gotten to that inevitable in the minus point in the bank balance (all to easy to do over here with so much to do) then you can even take your own tea bag (scottish cheapness all the way). My flatmate is the queen of minimal spending and it’s definitely rubbing off on me. So yeah – go skiing/boarding, even if you’ve never done it before its great fun. ps – snowsports club do free lessons in the morning.

that’s my flatmate and her friend fixing a tire on the way to whistler – many girls make wheel change. Sorry it’s the wrong way round.

Thirdly – OLYMPICS!!!!!!

Lizzy - a lovely lass : )

The madness most certainly hit – 2 weeks of free concerts, street parties, red and white and ‘oh canada’ (sooooo much ‘oh canada’ – the national anthem). I got to see a bunch of Canadian and American bands and Matisyahu was amazing!! The atmosphere here is amazing. The streets were continually buzzing at all – 24/7 – i’d never seen anything like it. The free stuff (not only concerts but food tasting, zip wires in downtown, extra ice rinks etc too) has all been amazing to my sad looking bank balance. The atmosphere was also unbelievable, especially after the final hockey match victory (extra time, first point wins – you could feeeeeeeeel the tension) – the public transport system turned into a party bus network and the streets were a mass of red and white bodies topped with the word’s widest smiles.

I waited in ‘line’ for 3 hours for a pair of olympic mitts. Some would call it dedication, others stupidity – either way they’re cozy.

This is the Art gallery – all desked out for olympic maddness

I could go on for ages but you get my gist – incredible!

Fourthly – HAWAII !!!….. aloha

I got to go to Hawaii! – a bus to seattle and a cheap internal flight later and i’m there, surfing with the turtles. I know there is loads to do around here, but it was definitely worth heading out there while i was in this neck of the woods. Ten of us went out during reading break and we hiked up to get panoramic views a couple of days, sunbathed on the beach, swam in waterfalls, and surfed in one of the best sports in the world. Although Hawaii is home to some of the biggest waves in the world alone the north shore there are various ones for every ability with some perfect waves breaking at the beach right by our campsite. The friends of Malakahana campsite is literally right on the beach and it was only $8 a night. There was a lovely surf instructor who hung out there during the day and you could rent boards off him pretty cheap. There are also really cute beach shacks to stay in and outdoor showers – very back to nature esk.

If you do go, whatever you do, don’t spend the whole time over in honolulu. As blue crush etc should show you, the north shore is definitely where it’s at – the shrimp, the sunsets, the music, the views – it really has it all. I wish i could live there.

We went to Pearl Harbour, as a history student it was really interesting hearing the American version of WW2 – it’s erm ‘different’.

Remember tho, if you do leave canada you need to tke your UBC acceptance letter to make sure you get back in!

last thing,

FOOD….. a wee bit of Vancouver info

for those coming out here, here’s a heads up on food. Firstly, for anyone veggie there are plenty of cheap tasty places to go out…..the naam being one of the best – yum yum.

In terms of ‘groceries’, the closest place to campus (if you are in the fairview residence at least) is Save on Foods. For there make sure you get a loyalty card, it’s free and it saves you loads. If not then there is ‘no frills’ – a bulk buy place on forth avenue that is much cheaper  and just a shortride on the number 4 bus. There are a couple of safeways too, also a bus ride away and pretty pricey.

if there is anything specific you want me to write about then just let me know…

: ) Rachel


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