Au Fait

This semester is in stark contrast to last. Semester 1 flew by in a whirlwind of beaches, skyscrapers, assignments, cans of beer, mini-buses and caa-caan-tengs – before I knew it  I was saying farewells to friends I felt I had only just met and I was flying away for Christmas. Baam. It was over. And that has terrified me – I don’t want semester two to disappear like that! I want to savour it. So I’ve attempted the impossible – to slow down the pace of life in Hong Kong. I think I would have gone insane had I not consciously made the effort to stay in and chill out sometimes. There is an offer to go out and do something every minute of the day, and so many opportunities to get involved in anything you can imagine (not to mention traveling elsewhere) so I have had to teach myself to say no. I feel like otherwise exhaustion and collapse would be inevitable!

But I am still determined to get more out of this city. I have only scratched the surface. I’ve seen 0.001% of what there is to see. There is currently an arts festival on (and on Sunday I’m going to see a Cantonese production of Animal Farm); the HK International Film festival starts in a couple weeks; and the International Literary Festival after that. My mum came to visit me for two weeks so we also had some new Hong Kong experiences together. We visited Stanley where there is a chilled out water front strip and a market, we joined an early morning tai chi class overlooking Victoria Harbour which was about as Hong Kong as it gets. We also went to Dim Sum at 6am with all the old locals – they loved  it! And so did we! Plus I got to use a bit of the cantonese that I’ve picked up which impressed my mum (which was the whole point of learning anyway innit. Tick!)

I’m really starting to feel relaxed here, it’s becoming home. I’m comfortable, with lots of lovely friends – although making new ones each week is unavoidable! – and everything I need. Just getting on with daily life. I look around me every day and realise how much I love this city and how lucky I am. Dare I say I’m feeling settled before I’m  ripped from my comfort zone and sent on my turbulent way yet again? I will be devastated to leave this place. So for now I will clamp my eyes shut and will it to last forever.


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