Tim Hortons saves lives

Something you have to learn about Canada. Tim Hortons. The place to go for your caffeine fix, donut binge or a sober up sandwich, 24/7. Lurking behind every street corner, even when you think you’re miles away from home, you can rely on a good old Tim Hortons to point you on the right path. I rave so much about Timmy’s because it’s probably what kept me going through final exam period in December. Even when it was -18oC outside, I’d still get my medium Iced Cappuccino to keep me awake the night before my Anatomy 214 Lab exam. Which was probably the hardest subject I’ve ever done- rewarding, but soooooo much to remember; all the muscle attachments, bone articulations, nerve supplies.

Anyways, exams take over a lot of people’s lives here at McGill. Lots of them are on scholarships were they need straight A’s to be able to afford to pay tuition, others need A’s to get into Med school or Law school, so as you can see it can pretty intense. The library’s open 24/7, there’s couches available in the Science Basement for a little nap, there’s TH’s as you already know. Everything geared towards constant study.

I’ve learnt though that if you keep on top of it during term time it shouldn’t be too bad when it comes to finals. But that’s a lot easier said, than done. There’s so many distractions in Mtl it’s unbelievable.

Intramural sports, Snowboard club (see later),  plentiful supply of Brunch spots, constant House Parties, Varsity games, Shinny Hockey, Beer Tobogganing, Mount Royal, Olympic stadium, Botanic gardens, Biodome, Biosphere, Canadian Grand Prix circuit, Just for Laughs comedy festival, Jazz festival,  Sainte Catherine shopping, Underground shopping (it’s HUGE!), Cheap Tuesdays cinema, Clubs and Bars to suit any tastes, Old Montreal, Notre Dame Cathedral, Chinatown, Le Plateau, eating Beaver tails (i’m yet to try, google it, if you think it’s animal cruelty)….I could on and on and on and on.

Just writing this makes me realise how much I’ve done, but how much more there is still to do. Every day counts, so make the most of your time, you might not have this opportunity ever again.

You simply have to come, if not as a student, a tourist. You’re missing out otherwise.


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  1. Totally Right by the way, Tim Hortons is MASSIVE here, I can’t compare it to anything else back home….

    P.S. Beavertails – You HAVE to try them, they’re life-changing! No animal testing involved!


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