We are…BC! It’s good to be back

Hello to everyone from a chilly Boston!

I’ve been back in the land of the American dream now for just over 2 weeks and it feels like I never even left the place. Work has begun in full swing already and it has been very busy catching up with everyone and answering the age old question ‘how was your break?’ I don’t know why they insist on calling it ‘break’ but hey, it seems to rub off!  I can definitely say I’m very happy to be back. I went home at Christmas time for a few weeks which was great seeing people and spending time with family, but as I’m sure many of you feel the same way, a couple of hours after the bells on hogmanay and you really cant be bothered with the whole thing any more. I was lucky enough that a few of my friends from Boston came to visit in Scotland for a week, and so I got to show them all the sights and of course how to drink a real pint as well as a few other things! Beer pong is one thing but they just don’t compare to the true British games! After some gallivanting I returned to BC, minus a few close friends who were only here for one semester which is a little sad, but the good thing is we get a whole batch of new internationals to meet this semester too…so far those I’ve met have been great. Not quite as extravagant an orientation this semester for them mind, so I’m very pleased to have come in the summer and gotten the full weeks worth before classes began back in august.

The weather here is definitely not warm, but I have to say, for the middle of winter I had expected a lot worse. Not too much snow at all and not a lot colder than Glasgow was over Christmas. I hope that eases some of your concerns about the climate here should you be thinking of coming in the future, but maybe the worst is just yet to come! This semester promises to go by very fast. There are a couple more breaks than last time, including of course the infamous ‘Spring break’ when I am due to go to Costa Rica with a group of about 15 in a big costal villa! Rather looking forward to that. Of that 15 by the way, there is only one other international student and the rest are Americans…so again for those doubters who say you won’t meet any Americans so what’s the point, it’s simply not true! You just have to make a bit of effort to break the international student mindset. I personally think the more Americans you know the better as they have all the knowledge and know all the good spots. In saying that, I already have plans to go to Australia next Christmas to see my mate Joe from first semester. Unfortunately he is not returning but that’s the great thing about the program, you truly will meet friends for life and they live all over the world…so all the more excuses to go and see these places! Anyway, I digress.

This semester I’m aiming to do a little more travelling, hopefully a trip to Montreal, maybe over easter, of course Costa Rica and then hopefully something at the end too. And hey, New York is less than 4 hours drive so you can do that in a weekend! A lot of people are staying out over most of summer to travel, but I’m due back at the end of may…that should still give me 10 days or 2 weeks to do some travelling after finals though before its back to what will hopefully be a glorious Scottish summer (lets be optimistic)!

Not sure what else I have to say. I hope all the other exchange students are enjoying their time as much as I am. To all you people still undecided whether or not to apply or which university to choose, I genuinely couldn’t recommend the experience more to anyone who remotely has a thought about doing a year abroad, it’s been an incredible experience and Boston College is a fantastic place to do it. It’s one of the best colleges in the country, with the students and lifestyle to match it. COME TO BC!




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