Time passes too quickly… the end of semester 1

It’s already mid January and I haven’t said anything about what happened since Thanksgiving. The truth is that the last three weeks in December were not to exciting.. or maybe they were, just not in a good sense… I had 5 finals and still plenty of assignment to hand in (you never get the break from homeworks here). Luckily, exams went quite well, I didn’t even have to worry too long waiting for the results as these were available in like one week! Anyway, this was the busiest time during my stay here.

But eventually, hectic days were over and I could enjoy me free time again.  i decided to visit my family in NYC again. A few of my friend from uni joined me so we did some sightseeing together and also travelled to Boston, the ‘walking city’. Boston looked a bit dead as all students were gone. But still, it’s a gorgeous place, and it’s a nice rest from NYC:). We visited all the famous places:  universities – Harvard and MIT, The Old State House, Quincy Market, etc.  Everything was really great, but my favourite part was ‘A Harry Potter exhibition’ in Museum of Science. :D’

Anyway, the east coast is too cold for me so I decided to escape to San Francisco for a week. And this is so far my favourite place in this country! It made me sad that I’m not doing my exchange in California (although I really like UIUC).

The winter break passed much to quickly. I can’t believe it was the whole month – felt like a week at most:( I just hope that this semester will be a bit easier (I’m being really naïve here) and I’ll be able to continue my travels. After all I’m not only a student here, I’m a tourist as well.

I’ll write later this week about the biginning of the 2nd semester. Right now I’m a bit confused with all the classes, and I keep changing my mind about them every 5 minutes. although you have to register for all the courses in late November there are still 2 weeks now when you can change. Anyway, I’ll keep you updated, bye!!!


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