Day 12 on Anchor Island. 4th January 2010. Last day on Anchor. Visited Luncheon Cove – Site of 1st European House in New Zealand.

Did the feedout run for JEM for the last time and scribed while Tim climbed trees to count seeds and fruiting tips on yellow silver pine (to get indication of seeding rates – prediction of kakapo breeding for future years). Steve changed Rooster’s hopper and joined u in counting seeds. Rooster turned up while Steve was changing his hopper. Jealous! Haven’t seen him for a few days now, but that’s a good thing. Noticed that finally Kathmandu boots have split after almost 2 weeks of merciless tramping on Anchor Island – they’re only 2 weeks old! Plan to take them back to the Invercargill shop when I get there on the 6th. Fly off island tomorrow (5th) around 1pm-ish, weather-dependent. Too rainy/windy and we might have to spend an extra day in the hut on Anchor. Stay in backpackers in Te Anau for the night, then early bus at 7am the next day to Invercargill, where I am supposed board a light plane at 10.30am to Codfish but weather not looking too good. Might have to stay in backpackers in Invercargill overnight. Finished reading ‘Fiordland Explored’ by John Hall-Jones. Also today in bush Tim and I stopped at Luncheon Cove – site of 1st European house in NZ, where the first sealers lived and the first ship-building took place. Quite a poignant moment, and was really hard to imagine the little cove overgrown with dense native bush as the original hub of life in New Zealand. Now there’s nothing left of the 1st European house, except the space where it once stood. It a great contrast to New Zealand civilisation as it is known now. Visiting this historic site that not many people get to see has really added a new dimension to my exchange year in New Zealand – I love learning about the cultures and practices gone by of this amazing land.


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