Day 11 on Anchor Island. 3rd January 2010. Feedout-free day.

No feedout of jobs to do today, weather was bad anyway so it was a welcome day in the hut . We drank lots of tea and and had an 80’s and 90’s music day, Steve on computer doing admin, Tim and I on seed count duty (important for estimating likelihood of a successful breeding season amongst the kakapo from year to year, which depends on abundance of certain types of vegetation). Made tuna pasta bake with vegetables for dinner then went for a stroll just 5/10 minutes from the hut to a ‘secret’ rock beach where the boat is kept, tasted some seaweed (Neptune’s Necklace and other types of seaweed after watching a short documentary, Sea Vegetables, produced by the University of Otago’s Science Communication department, the night before). Blew the cobwebs away after spending all day indoors, stretched legs, came back, showered, grated some carrots so Steve could make carrot cake, and watched When We Were Kings, a documentary film about Muhammed Ali and the Rumble in the Jungle.


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