Day 10 on Anchor Island. 2nd January 2010. Oscar’s transmitter changed and climbed summit.

Tim did Hauturu’s hoppers today while Steve and I went to catch Oscar to change his radio transmitter. All kakapo wear transmitters like a backpack (they’re light and don’t interfere with natural behavior at all as they become covered by feathers as they bed in). He gave us a bit of a chase but he stopped when he came to a cliff edge and put up quite a bit of resistence during his health check too and grumbled lots. Quite appropriate that he was named after Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street! On weighing him, we found that he had put on 60g to become a healthy 2.08kg. In the dash over and under branches to catch Oscar, the GPS fell out of my pocket so we had to search the route we ran with a fine tooth comb as they are quite expensive pieces of equipment. Luckily Steve found it after a half hour search.

I decided to climb to the summit on the way back to the hut. It wasn’t the nicest weather to begin with but just as I was nearing the top the sun appeared. The summit of Anchor Island immediately became one of my favourite places in the world. Will let the photos speak for themselves. Great views of Resolution Island, the Many Islands and the mainland. Was back at the hut 6.2opm, after having set off at 3.20pm – 3 hours, including getting back to the hut via Rollercoaster and Luncheon. Not a bad effort considering how unfit I was when I first came to the island! Steve said I should be proud of myself, and I was!


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