Day 7 on Anchor Island. 30th December 2009. A long day.

Went on a massive mission to change Sass’s and Hauturu’s hoppers while the boys finished cutting back the Luncheon track they started yesterday. Started off as a really great walk, had lunch by the beautiful lake we’d stopped at before, tried to take a shortcut home on an unmarked track using map and GPS but got lost. Finally managed to find my way back to the way I came thanks to the GPS, it added about 30 mins on to the day. Then came back same track, sun started shining, stopped for a break and lay in the sun at Mello Yello. When I started on my way back to the hut I tripped up over some roots on the ground and took a huge fall. At the end of Mello Yello, I realised I’d dropped my map somewhere so walked all the way back along the track to try and find it but didn’t, that added another 30 mins on to journey. Enjoyed istened to Deer Radio, didn’t feel so alone in the bush. Was so tired when I got back, almost even too tired for dinner… almost. Steve had made pizza and potato wedges – delicious. Quick visit by Rooster in the evening –  we shooed him off the deck. A couple of minutes later just as I was going to sleep there was a loud skrark outside the door. Thought it was Rooster, until a few mins later we heard a short blast of booming. Steve used the telemetry gear to get a signal and an ID for our booming bird and it turned out to be Horton that was nearby – that was a surprise !


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