Christmas time….mistletoe and wine…..


here’s a short catch up

Post Thanksgiving we had Halloween, a massive even over here with a full week of parties costumes, ghosts and ghouls . i was minnie mouse, not so original but  was short of time as my midterms finished the day the festivities bagan.

After that however it was very much nose to the grind. The library and myself got very well acquainted and i was not alone in this fate, 8 essays and 8 weeks later i had exams…booooo. Finals over here come in all shapes and sizes, some are take home exams, others mere quizzes worth 25% and some are 50% soul destroying beasts – nothing like a bit of variety. If you come here i recommend the law lib, it’s by far the quietest one around. However, be warned, UBC have yet to discover heating in libraries and therefore thermals are a must.

However, it wasn’t all fun sapping revision. In between i managed to take a trip to Tofino (on Vancouver island) with the surf club. Although it rained it was an amazing weekend. I also booked my flight to Hawaii (15o quid return – yaye)…..and i fitted in a few days skiing up at whistler…mmm snow.

I also tried my first sushi – its really cheap over here. However, i was far from sold…i may steer clear in future.

I also set to christmas shopping as  form of stress relief, scotland better like maples syrup is all i have to say. There are loads of cute wee shops around Vancouver to get unique gifts in and Granville Island market is an amazing source of prezzies. It was the Pogues all the way (my canadian flatmates had never heard of them…shame) to aid this process and get me in the festive spirit.

One downside to christmas is that all the one term exchange students are heading home, it’s horrible saying goodbye to the friends you’ve made and i know i’m going to hate it when i have to go next year. If you have the choice a full year is definitely the best plan.

Finally, a few of you have been emailing me for advice and i’m totally happy to help. Any questions you might have just fire them my way.


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