I’ve been really busy lately and didn’t have a chance to post anything on my blog. Luckily I have a lot of free time now. So let’s go back… to November.  First half was just usual stuff… studying, homework, hanging out with mates, homework, and homework again. It might not sound too exciting, but it was … that ‘hanging out’ part at least, thanks to some amazing people I met here!  During the second half I finally had some chance to travel. It’s the second time I got out of Champaign (My first trip was to Chicago). I spend almost 10 days in New York. So many exchange students from UIUC fly there so there is no problem with finding the company.  Just remember to book tickets much in advance. I booked mine in early October and paid about 200 dolars, and some friends who waited a bit too long paid almos twice as much.  I stayed at my aunts’ place, my dad came too. It was really good to see my family (well, part of it) as I don’t plan on visiting my parents and home until May/June. I love the city! And there a lot of things happening around Thanksgiving. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, Black Friday (opening of the Christmas shopping season)…  Ok, the parade wasn’t so great. It’s acually better to stay home and watch it on  TV. The city is so crowded that once you go downtown Manhattan you can’t see a thing. The same during Balck Friday, but you know… all the sales and everything… well, a piece of advice: if you want to save some money don’t leave a hotel during that day:) Anyway, a week in NYC is enough to see all the main spots, althought not enought to enter many of the museums. Actually, I didn’t visit any of them…  I believe that they are amazing and everything but you have to devote the whole for one if you want to see everything, and honestly, after Chicago (where I’ve been to the Field Museum and Museum of Science and Industry)I was to tired to do it .

I’ll post some photos from New York soon and write more about it (yeah, I ended up in here again.. this time for nearly a month). As I said before : I NY!


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