Christmas!!! :)

Well it took a while to decide what to do for Christmas, quite a few people have family around so are going to visit them, some are going home, and some are travelling.  I considered going home for the holidays but I felt like, since I’m now used to life here, it would be too much of a disruption going back to my home comforts and having to re-adjust again when I come back, so I thought it best to travel or stay in Kingston.  A lot of those who have gone home said before they left that although they missed their families and were looking forward to seeing them, they kind of wished they were staying because of the same reasons.  I thought about a number of things like travelling, and staying in Kingston, but decided against staying there because it would be sad without all my friends there.  Luckily though, some of my friends have also been lovely enough to invite me to their homes in Canada or America, and now….I’M IN TENNESSEE!!!

I’ve been here for a day now, with Claire (who’s also from Glasgow), and Kyle, her flatmate, with Kyle’s entire family.  It’s a big household filled with lots of fun and games and I’m having a great time so far!

It was a really tough few weeks recently when exams finished.  Although it was a relief to have finished, I also had to say goodbye to a lot of my friends who were only here for one semester.  That was really hard.   Most of them found that they really wished they weren’t going home at this point and wanted to stay the full year.  It was such a shame because they felt like they’d only just settled properly into the life here.  And, since term-time is busy with work, they felt that they didn’t have enough time to travel and socialise.  It was really nice though because one of my friends from New Zealand was supposed to only be here for a semester but asked Uni if she could stay for longer, so, now, she’s staying for the full year!!  Yeeey!  At least we’ve had an amazing time together this semester though.  More importantly, we’ve all got places to stay all over the world and are already planning trips to France, Columbia, Australia and New Zealand!

Anyway, the plan so far is to stay here with Kyle’s family until the 28th, then go to New York for New Year – AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!  I’m SO excited as I’ve never seen New York, and a lot of our friends are meeting us there amongst their travels!  I can’t wait to see everyone and be a right good tourist…(I’ll probably be one of those people walking around with a Statue of Liberty hat on)…

So, the boys have now stopped playing their computer games and Claire is almost finished decorating her stocking with glitter and it’s now time for AMAZING home made cooking J

Merry Christmas to all!!  xx


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