126 of the best days of my life

As I sit here in the departure lounge at Logan airport, I cant help but think about all the incredible experiences and awesome people who I have met this semester at Boston College and as much as I am looking forward to a break back at home for the holidays, I cant wait to get back over and do the whole thing again!

 From start to finish it has been a fantastic experience. I can’t speak highly enough of the international program at BC and all those students who help out with it. They have made my time here so far unforgettable and I can’t recommend coming here enough. The past month or so has flown by, with thanksgiving coming at the end of November where one of the international assistants kindly took 4 of us internationals down to Long Island, NY for 5 days. It was an awesome way to relax and get away from all the stress of midterms. Thanksgiving is a nationally celebrated holiday, bigger than Christmas they tell me. At our friends house there were 30 of us having dinner, all of whom were eating far too much turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes…amongst other things! We got a chance to go Manhattan for a day and went out in Long Island a few times but really it was just a welcome break away from the regular routine and work that was ongoing. Most of the international students went to someones house for the break but it’s an opportunity to travel as well if a traditional thanksgiving doesn’t take your fancy. Some of my friends went to Las Vegas, California and the Bahamas to name a few and it’s the best chance you will get to go traveling in the autumn term as there aren’t really any other breaks.

 Since thanksgiving it has really just all been about final exams, projects and presentations. There were 2 weeks back after the break before the exams began and classes run up right until finals…ie no exam leave. I have to say I found that a bit unfair and stressful but everyone is in the same position and  we all get through the exam week. Sleeping patterns go a bit crazy, doing 15hour days in the library and trying to make sure you still make your 9am class the following day but it’s a short intense week that’s over with fairly quickly and also because you are being assessed and tested throughout the year, by the time it gets to finals they invariably only count for 20-40% of the final grade which is pretty good.

 My finals finished just less than a week ago so I had some time to relax, do a bit of Christmas shopping and have several parties before time came for me to jet back to the UK. The weather has been a bit crazy here lately, with average temperatures the past week about -7celcius and about 18inces of snow but people here are used to it so life goes on as usual and all the students just get to have lots of snow fights. The weather had been getting colder for a wee while now but overall it has been a lot warmer and a lot sunnier than I had expected after hearing what people were telling me. One day in December it was even 20celisus, although the next day it snowed. That’s just Boston I have been told.

 The past few days saying goodbye to people who aren’t returning is a little sad, but its amazing to think how you can make such incredible friends in such a short time. You are with these people every day, going to classes, getting food, going to parties or traveling and I have met and made some friends for life here already. I cannot recommend the experience enough, and especially at BC. Its simply something you 100% have to do if you get the chance. Best decision of my life coming here, and I’m look forward to boring all my friends with my countless stories over the next few weeks!

 Enjoy the holidays everybody!


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