‘O’ is for October…and midterms, halloween and snow!

So well and truly into my stay now at Boston College and its been great fun so far…although admittedly a hell of a lot of work! October brought with it the first snow of the year, which I felt was a bit ridiculous and fortunately since that frightfully chilly day the temperature has picked up again and has been between 12-17 degrees on average this past month which isn’t all too bad when its mostly sunny all the time and the nice autumn colours come out. So apart from my obvious fascination with the autumn weather, what else has been going on in October in Boston?

Midterms! I don’t exactly know how long ‘midterm’ actually is but it seems to span a long time. I have been having midterm exams for a number of weeks now, which generally consist of 1 and a half hour exams for 20-35% of your total grade for the course. BC is a competitive school but my department (Carroll School of Management) is particularly demanding. All that means is be aware of when your midterms are and make sure you are keeping up with the work because you don’t have the luxury of that 2 or 3 week exam leave that you get at Glasgow…you learn to miss it!

Anyway, nobody wants to read about work and exams so I will move on. I managed to get down to New York with a group of friends a couple of weeks ago for a long weekend. Nice to be able to say you are just jaunting down to NYC for the weekend but its honestly as easy as that. A return bus costs about $40 (£30ish) and takes just under 4 hours one way. We stayed in a hotel about 5 mins walk away from Times Square, probably not the cheapest option but was a great location! I would definitely suggest making time to go down to anyone who comes here. It’s a whole different world, and you could easily spend a week there doing only the touristy things. That’s basically what we did for the 3 days…Empire state (go at sunset), ground zero, Soho, Central Park (ridiculously humongous), Times Square (awesome at night), Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Broadway (including broadway show) and a whole bunch of shopping! Was great to get away for a few days after the stress of midterms and just relax. A well earned break I’d say!

Shortly after that my parents came to visit for a week. They did a bit of travel and visited all the main tourist spots in Boston. It was great to see them having been here for 2 months and good to see some recognised faces! I wouldn’t say I have ever been  really homesick, and the only thing I have had issues adjusting to is the quantity of work all the time (and maybe the fact that I am now sharing a room for the first time in my life) but it was still good to see the parents.

Since then the most major thing happening has of course been Halloween! What to be, what to wear??? In the end some friends and I decided to go as Zoolander characters – I was Hansel (pictures on Facebook if you must look). Halloween is taken fairly seriously over here, it was basically 3 or 4 nights of organised parties where people seemed to go in different costumes each night…I couldn’t be bothered with that much effort. Great fun though an kind of puts all the GUU Halloween party goers to shame on their outfit creativity.

This month the big event is of course thanksgiving. This gives me a chance to go down to New York again to my friends house who is generously hosting a small group of us internationals to show us a traditional thanksgiving! I look forward to that and maybe a trip to Montreal before the Christmas break if I can squeeze it in around studying for finals and in December.

Again if anyone has any questions then please feel free to ask!

I hope all you other ambassadors and all the Glasgow Uni international exchange kids are having a great time at all your different places.

Speak soon



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  1. Hi Craig,

    Really enjoying your blogs, keep it up! They’re really entertaining.

    Hope you find time to post a new one in the near future.

    Hope this finds you in good health.


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