Coming to the end of part one

Ok, so I said I’d let you guys know how mid-semster break went. That was a while ago now but work has been getting hard and I have exams in 2 weeks. It also doesn’t help that Australia have this stupid system of putting a quota on internet usage and apparently my house have used ours up for the month so I’m currently bashing away in the library before my lecture. I mean seriously it’s not oil its not going to run out.

Midsemester break was good – nice and relaxing. I went to Sydney with one of my housemates. It was good seeing all the touristy things so I’d advise anyone to go and see it but apart from that I felt the city was very similar to any other big city. There is a lot of business and, judging by the cars, a lot of money. We went for two days which gave us ample time to see everything that we needed to see. It was, however, very expensive – they wanted $190 (100 quid to climb the harbour bridge). So my advice if going to Sydney is to plan ahead what you want to see and dont wear flip flops since my housemate managed to break his foot from walking for 2 days (personally, I think he is being a wimp but you know).

Following that, I went to Byron Bay to camp for a few days. Luckily enough one of my mates had a car so the trip was much easier. In Australia, they don’t do inter-state public transport and since Byron is just over the border in NSW it would be quite difficult to get there from Brisbane. I do think there is a bus but don’t quote me on that one. If you get the chance to go I would recommend it. It was very relaxing and there are plenty of student places around so it creates a good atmosphere.

Since I got back it has kind of been boring, having to get the head down and work. However, last week I did attend the pre-departure briefing for the UQ students heading to Glasgow which was fun seeing how I was in their shoes last semester. (For some reason the first question I was asked was are there a lot of fights in Glasgow).

Anyway, I am leaving Brisbane in around about 3 weeks and heading back to Glasgow for 3 months for my summer holiday. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to seeing family and friends again and I really need to find a job because I have spent a ridiculous amount of money out here and it doesn’t help when the Aussie$ decides to hit highs against the pound. I like the fact that the Australian university year has this long summer break as there would be little point in returning to the UK for only two weeks or so and it does enable me to try and sort out internships for next summer that other students who are studying in the northern hemisphere may not be able to get.

Anyway, the next post will probably be from Scotland. Bye


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