Well, I think I’m still bursting from my Thanksgiving dinner for International students tonight, wow it was good!

Well, I’m four weeks into classes now which are getting more and more interesting as we go.  I had major hassles during the first two weeks they call ‘Add-and-Drop’ period, because here you’ve got to choose each individual course you want and make sure it fits into your timetable – nightmare for me but easy-peasy for a lot of my friends.  Luckily it all got sorted out in the end so if this happens to you I’d say DON’T PANICK!!  The exchange coordinator here is wonderfully helpful, as were my tutors back in Glasgow.

So, to cover a bit so far, I’ll start with the amazing-ness of FROSH WEEK!!!!  Now, imagine the fun rollercoaster of Fresher’s Week…got it?  Remember how full/exhausting/epic/amazing it was?  (or another week in your life that matches these descriptions) Ok, now, Frosh Week is like the ULTIMATE FRESHERS’ WEEK!!!  It lasted 4 days and we had to pay $125 which was well worth it.  We were divided into groups and each had some leaders who taught us different fun dances/moves to songs or chants (sounds incredibly silly, but was surprisingly fun).  Some of the activities included a barbeque, scavenger hunt, NEWTS Olympics (NEWTS is the name for exchange students), a paint fight where you keep your newly ‘decorated’ coverall, a mystery road trip to two cities (ours were Upper Canada Village and Ottawa), a concert with a famous band here ‘Our Lady Peace’, and a 3-course-dinner and club after.  It was such good fun and I met so many people I still keep in touch with, it’s kind of like another family in a way.  It was epic.

The workload is fairly different to Glasgow, it’s kind of constant with min-assessments every week or so, which count for a small percentage of your end-of-year grade.  I actually prefer this to Glasgow where the few assessments are weighted much heavier.  Anyway, I’ve been working a lot during the weekdays so I can enjoy the weekends or go out in the evenings, which has actually, miraculously, been working!  My classes are very interesting and in the weekends I’ve been to Wolfe Island, Seeder Island (Kayaking!), Toronto, Niagra Falls, and Montreal.  Wolfe Island is a 25minute free ferry ride away and Seeder Island is even closer.  Toronto is a 3-hour bus journey away and has quite a lot to see, my friends and I caught it on the night of Nuit Blanche – an annual arts festival – which was exceedingly lucky!  And Niagra Falls was a further 2-hour bus ride away (but we went a funny route) and was absolutely stunning, well worth the effort.  Montreal was just this thanksgiving weekend which was a different kind of incredible.  It’s weird taking a small bus journey to a French-speaking area, I’m used to crossing a Channel for that!  Anyway, there’s so much to see here we’re definitely going back at some point when it’s winter.

Ah ha, weather.  Well this took me by surprise a little.  It was like the sun had a really bad day, and all of a sudden the temperature dropped about 15 degrees.  Literally.  I was so unequipped!!  Remember, I’d only brought summer clothes and left it a week too late to buy warmer ones.  Well, my trip to Montreal over the weekend remedied that little problem.  Shopping is to be done in Montreal, the shops are great, it’s like Glasgow city centre, only, with horse and carriages taking people through to the Old Town.

Well, I’d better get back to my work now, I have another reading response to do for my film class.  Au Revoir, a bientot!


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