In the middle of the cornfield

It has been over a month now since I arrived in Champaing. And I must say I already feel quite settled here although I was having some hard times at the beginning. Starting from the beginning – my flight went smoothly and I didn’t have any problems with getting from Chicago to Champaign. There are plenty of buses that operate from both airports in Chicago. I get of the bus just two block away from the place I live in now, which was lucky since it was the middle of the night and I had 2 big suitcases and a backpack with me.

I live in Sherman Hall, which is the most popular choice among postgrads and international students. I really like my dorm – it’s close to the main quad and my department, room are small but quite comfy (it is important to mention that is one of only few places when you can get a single room instead of shared one), we also have a well equipped common room and a computer lab. So I don’t have any reservations (but I’m not too demanding).

Orientation week. Before the classes started every international student was required to attend at least one orientation session within his/her department. Apart from that there was number of info sessions about housing, banking, health care etc. Not compulsory of course but some of them were useful. The last day before the classes was the so-called quad day, which was really amazing! Over 700 student societies and organizations presented themselves on the main quad. Lots of giveaways and lots of fun. There was every organization you could possibly imagine so for sure everyone could find something interesting.

Classes: 12 credits per semester are required but the equivalent of 60 credits in Glasgow is 15 credits. Maximum number of credits you can take is 18, but God forbid, never do that! The work load for each course is much heavier than in Scotland. There are plenty of homeworks, quizzes and other thing, all which contribute to the final result. Basically, you are busy all the time.

Well, I haven’t explained the title of my post yet. But there is not much to say here- although the campus is really great, Champaign itself is not too interesting. It’s seriously surrounded with the cornfields and nothing else. Luckily, Chicago is only 3 hours drive form here, and it’s a perfect place for a weekend!

OK, this week is a midterm week, which mean – EXAMS. So I better go back to studying!


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