Halfway point

Hey there,

Ok so its been a while but there has been plenty going on. Basically, work has been getting pretty hard. Unlike Glasgow, Australian universities tend to go for the constant assessment approach and so there is a lot less weighting on the final exam. This has pros and cons. Effectively you retain a lot more because you are constantly going over everything you have learnt but this does mean you spend a lot of time working away when its glorious sunshine outside and all you want to do is sit in the pool.

Last week I had my midsemester exams which went ok but there is no revision period so you still have to attend classes and so it does get a bit stressful. Thankfully that is over and midsemester break kicks off next week. I’m flying down to Sydney on Sat and planning on doing all the touristy stuff and may be hitting Byron Bay the following week so its a really good chance to be tourists and have fun.

The social life in Brisbane is pretty good. Just a word of warning though. Always take ID everywhere and that means driving license/passport because the don’t accept student cards regardless if the uni gave you it. This is because there is some massive fine for pubs/clubs etc if they have underagers on the premises. It got so ridiculous that I got ID’d in a bottle shop buying a bottle of coke – you just have to laugh.

Also forgot to say went to see the Wallabies v the Boks at Suncorp at few weeks ago and saw the Broncos win in the NRL yesterday. Both occasions were awesome and if you like your sport Brisbane is great for it. Tickets to the finals in the NRL were 18 bucks (£9) for pretty reasonable seats too. You can also see the Aussie rules at the Gabba which is on my to do list next semsester.

Anyways I’ll let you know how mid semster break goes and get back to you later


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