i’m here!!

I’m here!!!

First things first – the flight. It was fine, i sat next to two amazing strangers who filled me in on what to expect in Canada. Loonies, toonie, garbage, cells etc were all explained. We flew over Iceland and the view was amazing. But, i have learnt it makes sense to fly with a decent company. I went cheap but ended up with only 25kg baggage allowance inc hand luggage – not a good plan.

 Once i got here – I know it sounds corny but it really is like in the movies; wide streets, malls, trucks and checked shirts. it’s good though, and roasting… canada is clearly not the freezer it’s made out to be.

 The uni – The UBC campus is lovely, really big and situated on a peninsula , covered in trees and surrounded by beaches. It’s all really new compared to glasgow (the oldest building is 100 ish years old) but it has it’s own charm. Food shopping is certainly limited on campus but due to the u-pass (a transport pass you are made to buy due to Vancouver being an eco city) means that catching a bus to Safeway, two stops away, is no trouble at all. The pass also means that you can explore the whole city without feeling like you’re paying which is amazing.

My accommodation is also really good, townhouse style buildings called Fairview. It’s cute and my flatmates seems really nice.

The last three days have been GALA orientation week, basically a meet and greet for all the foreigners, 1300 of us here form over 140 countries!! It’s good because it totally removes that ‘i’m all alone’ feeling.

One thing that is proving difficult is the fact that you have nothing in terms of household stuff like duvets etc and as it’s not home you hav no idea where to go to get them.  Having now done it i’d suggest Winners, Wallmart and the Canadian superstore. Certainly budget for spending a fair it on setting yourself up as the self catered flats are completely bare.

So far at least the experience is amazing and there are far more cultural differences than i first thought i’d see. It’s started raining now – booo. I’d  better run to the next GALA meet and greet shenanigans.

One final word of advice…..there are TWO number 17 busses, one that takes you back to UBC from downtown and one that goes completely the other direction. A group of us got totally lost in the suburbs due to this the other day, oops!!


p.s twilight is being filmed here, around Vancouver and even on campus!!


3 Responses

  1. Hey there Rachel,
    i have been nominated by glagsow to come to UBC in september. I was wondering if you could give me some advice?
    I have to hand in my final accomodation application tomorrow- so dont worry about it if you get this after that!
    I was thinking that i might apply to fairview…would you advise that? I think it sounds right for me but I just worry that maybe it will be a little off campus…and maybe therefore less involved and a bit unsocial…?I have read all of the info over and over but its just hard to decide without being there,….
    Any ideas?
    Paisley x

  2. Hi,

    I’m thinking of applying to UBC for next year, any advice you could give me, what about residences etc?
    Also how much does it cos roughly with residence, meal plans, flights and insurance etc?
    Any help you could give me would be great!

    • i just saw this…i’m really sorry. Or are you one of the girls who emailed? If not……i’d say gage of you want to party, vanier or totem if you want organised social stuff and fairview for a fun but chilled/off campus (although it’s not) feel.

      meal plans i have no idea about as i don’t have one.
      As for flights, you can get a return flight for about 700 quid.

      insurance is a bit of a killer, as i was also travelling and skiing etc i got an annual policy which ended up costing a whopping 250 ish.

      i’m not sure about res but it is definitely cheaper then renting in Glasgow.

      but if there is still time then go for it, it’s lovely over here.

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