Hello Boston!

OK so I have just arrived in Boston and after only a few days I have had to do so many things! First thing on the to-do list was to find a place to live (kind of important). I had a hotel booked for the first week of being here and hoped to find accommodation in that week, which fortunately I have! The people at the  international housing office at BC are very helpful. They showed me a few places to check out and gave me contacts of other exchange students who were looking for a place to stay. So I’m sharing an apartment with two other french exchange students, very near to the college campus. Make sure to find a place which only has a 9 month lease. A lot of places ask for a full year but obviously that is unsuitable for exchange students. We were also luck that our apartment comes fully furnished, where as many others you will have to purchase your own furniture.  I had set up a couple of apartment viewings myself before I arrived in Boston but everyone here is very eager to help you find a place and settle in, they can’t do enough for you. So task one, find a house. Done.

Setting up an american bank account was suprisingly easy. All you need is 2 forms of ID and you’re basically all set. They give you a temporary debit card while you wait for a permanent one so you have access to your account immediately. It was all much easier than expected!

Medical insurance was the first big spend. It gets charged to your university account upon registration and the cost for semester one was $766!  That seemed a lot but not compared to semester two which is apparently around $930! So be aware that you will have that compulsory charge to pay before you are allowed to leave the BC in may.

So far everything has gone smoothly. I would advise people to do as much research as possible before arrival just so you know what to expect to have to do when you get here. I was advised to find a place to stay on the BC bus route which is a bus that goes in a loop to the campus every 15 mins for free, so that should be helpful especially in the winter months! The college itself is about 30 mins from the city centre but is still in a heavily populated are, most of which are BC students.

So thats what I’ve doen so far, but I’m sure there will be plenty more goings on in the next couple of weeks when orientation begins and classes start! Speak soon!



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