Ok so, i have approximately a week before i fly and i am totally not organised…more than that….i’m terrified! Excited too but i most definately have the fear! Is there anyone else going to, or anyone else who has been to ubc (or any other canadian uni) who could give me some info on insurance? whether you need to take out your own travel insurance etc seeing as we have the compulsory health insurance through uni.

Also, how the hell do you pack with such a tiny weight limit?! I’m not even a girly girl with millions of shoes and i’m struggling.

On the plus side however, my visa came – yaye. As did the universitas 21 cheque – whoop whoop!!

It’d be lovely if any of the soon to be UBC’ers or the past ones would get in touch.



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  1. oh cool, what do you study?

    Glasgow’s pretty wet and cold too!

    Are you on an exchange or doing the four years over there?

    If you need anyone to show you round or anything i’m sure my flatmates will be more than pleased to help

    good to hear from you,


  2. Hey Rachel!

    My name is Angela, and I am actually a Canadian student coming to Glasgow! I have to say I had a roomate who lives (and grew up) in BC. UBC is an amazing school, its very beautiful! I myself go to the University of Toronto, and I really think you will enjoy yourself in Canada : )

    As far as insurance goes I think you can purchase an International Student insurance from the school itself..I would look into that (it may only be for Ontario but try it out).

    Also make sure you bring a thick winter woat, or plan on buying one..we are much colder in Canada!! (I know what you mean about packing btw, it’s been a challenge that is for sure)

    I hope you have an amazing time, enjoy yourself! I know I can’t wait to do the same in Scotland : )

    – Angela

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