Almost ready but definately raring to go!

Right I’ve got my visa. Remember to pay the SEVIS fe before you go; I didn’t but luckily they have computers there which you can use to pay it. I forgot a book but managed to fill my three hour waiting time chatting to a nice girl who is also moving to New York. At the visa office, they take your thumb finger print. If you have an scratches or cuts, they wont accept it and you have to reschedule so wear gloves and be careful the whole week before your interview! A couple hours waiting and then you have to answer a few questions eg. where and why are you going, where is your money coming from, where are you staying. A few stamps and VOILA! you have a visa! Then you have to pay for it to be delivered to your house, which was £12. I celebrated with a Starbucks and then went to see Britney Spears in concert, which was ah-mazing.

Couple of days later, the visa arrived. Its nice to have something printed in my passport. Someone has to be in when the visa arrives to sign for it.

I used expedia to book my flights. I leave on the 23rd at 11am and get into JFK at 6.30pm. Make sure you book the right places: I searched for Albany New York and got results for Albany Schenectedy, which I almost booked -do NOT make that mistake. My connecting flight to Albany isn’t until 6am the next morning, which means I have one night in NYC all to myself…!

I have already started packing. The hardest part is choosing which clothes you want to take with you! I took out all the clothes from my wardrobe that I wanted to take, orgainsed it into piles of colour and remeoved any similar colours eg. two blues that were exactly the same. Then I organised the qualifying clothes into piles of style eg. sweater, jumpers with collars etc. Again, anything too similar and one was removed. So I’ve ended up with a really good capsule wardrobe. Obviously, I’ve remembered my heavy knitted woollens – I am arriving in autumn afterall. Apparently, Albany has hot summers and freezing winters.

Now, I’m just excited about leaving but the nerves are creeping in. The same thing happened when I left Aberdeen to move to Glasgow. The whole summer I was ready to go but a week before I got nervous. I’ll be fine once I get there. Its a funny realisation thinking that I’m not going to see my friends for a year and I’m leaving my best friends behind, but the power of Facebook will keep us united!

A week on Sunday and I hit the USA! I’ll let you know how I get on!



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