One week left

Next week I’m finally travelling to Chicago. I generally finished all the preparations, the last thing I need to do is to find out how to get from O’hare airport to Champaign, where I’m going to spend next year.

A few words on arrangements I had to make:


There is no problem with that. The whole process of getting visa shouldn’t take more than a week. First, I had to complete two forms (DS-156 and DS-158) and schedule a visa interview by calling the Infoline. The interview took place three days later. Consul didn’t even ask any questions, they just had to scan fingerprints for all 10 fingers. The passport with my visa was sent back to me a few days later.


It’s good to start searching for flights as soon as possible, at least a month before the departure. I’ll be flying with Lufthansa and change in Frankfurt (I’m flying from Katowice, Poland). I paid about 520 £ for a return ticked. I could never understand why, but the return ticket to US is usually cheaper than single.


I decided to stay at university accommodation. They have some halls for international students which are cheaper than those for home students (usually student accommodation in US is a lot more expensive than the one in Scotland). But if someone wants to rent a private flat it is quite easy. I’ve seen a great deal of ads for apartments/rooms close to uni. Try or similar webpage.


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