1 month in Oz

Ok, so I’ve been here a month now and to be honest it class. Classes started 3 weeks ago now and I’m fully settled into life in Queensland. I think  said I’d tell you how orientation went in my last post so I might as well mention it. Basically there were loads of events throughout the week some are compulsory for your subject/faculty and some are not. I attended the faculty welcome which was actually ok. They told you some interesting stuff about societies and internships etc and I got some free stuff like a bag which is quite useful for the gym and day trips etc. There was the big international students welcome on the Tuesday which was good (there are a lot of international students btw) and it enabled me to meet loads of new people which was good. They had some comedian for the 1st talk which was quite good but the 2nd talk of the day got a bit repetitve but still provided some useful info on things like cheap travel. They provided a bbq after but it was kinda rubbish – only 1 small sausage and a slice of bread – as it didn’t fill the void. I attended some other talks but nothing to really report home about.

The following Wednesday they had a market day (which seems to happen every Wed on campus) with loads of stalls and all the societies came out so I joined a few of those. I went out that night to this place called Regatta which is nearby and quite a big student place. I think it was quite a good night but to be honest I don’t really remember much and needless to say felt kind of dreadful the next day – good advert for sensible drinking.

Classes have gone pretty well here. I’m working quite hard and trying to keep ahead of what I need to do so I can have the weekends to explore Queensland. There is quite a difference between classes at home and at UQ. Classes here are huge as my finance class has 550 people in it so its slightly less personal. Tutorials are too very different as they are hosted in effectively small lecture theatres as opposed to the tiny rooms in the accounting building so it is more comfortable. There is also a difference in attitudes as lectures and tutorials here are not compulsory therefore it tends to be the people who want to learn who attend these classes and therefore it can be more beneficial but yet again like tutorials in Scotland people are too afraid to speak. It actually annoys me so if you can provide usefuil comments building a rapport with tutors is easy.

So far I’m loving uni here but as  most folks do their third year here work is important. I’ve found that some people you meet out here are pretty much here for a holiday. My classes don’t let me do this and so I’m trying to take advantage of weekend trips rather than going away thursday through monday during term time. Whilst at UQ there is a mid semester break which allows you to do travelling further afield. I have actually planned to go to Sydney for a few days in my semester break and am thinking about heading up the east coast for the remainder of that week. Yesterday I went to Noosa on the sunshine coast. That place is breathtaking (see photos). I was only there for the day and hung around on the beach but I will definately go back to see that national park that surronds the area. Luckily enough I got chatting to a guy called Wayne on the train who lived in Noosa and being the nice guy he was gave us a lift from the station to the beach showing us all the good places to go in Noosa and gave us other ideas for trips. All in all the journey from Brisbane takes 3 hours but costs 14 bucks (£7) return which is dead cheap. If you get a go card it is even cheaper which makes Queensland one of the best places for students to study as you can visit so many wonderful places. I’m planning on making a trip up to Fraser Island soon but I have so much to visit – I’m kind of glad I’m here for 2 semesters.


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  1. Fraser Island is amazing! If you have enough time, do the 3 day/ 2night self drive tour.
    I’ve heard the guided tours have lots of Japanese tourists on them.
    Somewhere closer to Brissy is Moreton Island, very similar to Fraser (less touristy). You can do Sand Boarding here, which looks immense.

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