The Beginning

In three days’ time, I am going for my visa interview. Its a little nerve-wracking, considering all the required forms and photographs and statements and given the fact that if you have a scratch on either of your thumbs, you have to reschedule the appointment all over again! But everything is going according to plan. I think I have filled out all the forms (and photocopied each one, just in case) and I’m getting my visa photos dne tomorrow-they’re not the same as passport photos so check to see where in your area does them. In Aberdeen, there is a place called Quartz Photography that does the photos to visa standards. I’ll look all tanned since I’ve spent the last week in Oman, as opposed to the Glaswegian pale!

Still flipping between student accommodation and privately rented apartment, as both have pros and cons. Leaning more to the student accommodation option, simply for the social aspect. Plus there is no need to worry about bills etc as with an apartment.

And then I have to book my flight over, which costs about £500 direct single. Searched online and used Expedia to find the cheapest flight, so I think I’ll be flyin with KLM.

SUNY semester starts late August so I think I’ll be heading out there mid-August to settle in and get to know the area before classes. SO excited! I’ll keep you posted,



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