McGill Preparations

Ok, so I’m almost up to date with everything…i think

For Unis in Quebec you need something called a CAQ (this costs less than $100 CAD), just a certificate to study there. Well that’s arrived, took about 4 weeks, but you need it before you can apply for your study permit. I had to rush to send it off before going off on holiday, as it takes approx. 6 weeks.

My advice: Contact SAAS or your LEA to get a financial notification (how much loan, grant they’re going to give you for the following year). I also sent bank statements, any savings statements. Basically, just evidence to prove that I have enough money to live their for a whole year.
Do this early as mine took ages and only arrived 3 days before my holiday.

It’s a bit of a pain, plus they require 6 passport photos. It costs $125 CAD too, but without it, no studying abroad.

To date: No flights booked, I’ve got to wait until i receive my study permit. They’re about 300 quid each way with Air Transat to Montreal Airport. I also have no accommodation, according to McGill they don’t offer “Uni Rez” to exchange students, but it’s worth emailing to confirm. However, they do have a system set up to easily find student accomm. And to be honest, lots of exchange students don’t want to be back in Halls of Residence with a bunch of 1st years.

So currently i’m in a wee internet cafe on Ko Tao in Thailand, but i will do a few more posts explaining the process i’ve been through at a later date.


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  1. Hey thought I’d leave you a comment just to see whether you get notified this way. How was the round the world trip? It must have been class. My housemates went up to frasier island not long ago (its ok for people who get 3 days off a week) and said its a must see. Im kinda running low on money atm down to £70 a week so might have to postpone that till next semester after I earn some money at xmas. How are the preparations going? U must be one of the last to leave? Getting nervous yet? xxx

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